Posts containing 3×3’s created by the Veital community to show how they embrace the balance.

Veital 3×3 – North American Paradise

Trip Dates: April 4 – 7, 2019  Author: Tyler Curran (instant gram = @realtylercurran) Where: Havasupai Falls, Supai, Arizona (Grand Canyon) Trip Name: North American Paradise Trip in 300(ish) words:  To get to…

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Veital 3×3 – Himalayas

The ultimate goal of this expedition was to reach the summit of Mt. Manaslu (8,163m = 26,780ft) without supplemental oxygen. However, as always, life typically decides to act upon itself and chose different paths for us to make the experience even more interesting.

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Veital 3×3 – Governor Dodge

I got back into climbing the fall of 2015. The goal then was to get outside, on the rock, as much as possible. We had a Saturday open on an unseasonably warm day in October. My climbing partner, Jan, suggested we go do some sport climbing west of Milwaukee.

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3×3 Red Rock, Nevada

This is it, my intro into big wall, multi-pitch, traditional climbing. Jan was getting married a few weeks later, so this was considered his 'informal bachelor party.' We flew out to Vegas on Thursday night, picked up our rental car, and headed west into the desert.

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3×3 Big Sky Montana

The Big Sky trip started with me taking a rental from Jackson Hole to Idaho Falls, ID. From there, I was picked up by some friends driving from Boise, and we headed north to Montana. I hadn’t been to Big Sky since I took a Lifestyles trip there back in school during my sophomore year.

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3X3 Hike on Seoraksan

We were living abroad in Seoul, South Korea when we went on this adventure in middle October to hike Seoraksan. Our trip began just before midnight in Seoul where we boarded a bus with dozens of other excited hikers. Our trip consisted mostly of foreign teachers living and working in the city and was arranged for non-native folks.

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3X3: Whistler, Eh?

5:20am Fly to Seattle drive Whistler: the trip is ago. Did anyone else know that Boeing has it’s own runway? Thinking again, it makes sense that they do. What a funny concept: ‘build a commercial jet airliner and when it’s complete you FLY it to its new destination.’

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3X3 Goin’ to Jackson Hole Wyoming

Jackson Hole Wyoming. The birth place of the Galande Quaff. Cowboy Country. And Rad Skiing. All things that make it top of the bucket list for skiing. College kids I knew from my alma mater were on a trip there and I decided to tag along for some cheap skiing fun. It was my first time to Jackson, and I was stoked to be going.

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3X3: The New Year in Kyoto

Our journey took us from our home at the time in Seoul, South Korea to Osaka, Japan, and then by train to our final destination in Kyoto just outside of Fushimi Inari-Taisha during the last week of December 2014.

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Sawtooth Relay

The next adventure, ‘twas a great one, Sawtooth Relay. I got a text from my buddy a few weeks ago saying: “So where’s the adventure this weekend?” 1. I was flattered that he asked me that and 2. What a way to live life! Life is an adventure. Undoubtedly it’s easier than people make it, just get off your butt and make some plans.

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