Veital 3×3 – North American Paradise

Trip Dates: April 4 – 7, 2019  Author: Tyler Curran (instant gram = @realtylercurran) Where: Havasupai Falls, Supai, Arizona (Grand Canyon) Trip Name: North American Paradise Trip in 300(ish) words:  To get to…

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Veital 3×3 – Himalayas

The ultimate goal of this expedition was to reach the summit of Mt. Manaslu (8,163m = 26,780ft) without supplemental oxygen. However, as always, life typically decides to act upon itself and chose different paths for us to make the experience even more interesting.

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Best of the Midwest: Where to go? What to see?

Oh, the midwest. The land of kindness, pastures, and flip flops at 50 degrees. As a company based in the heart of the midwest in beautiful Milwaukee, we'd be remiss not to make a compilation of the best places to go around here.

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Veital 3×3 – Governor Dodge

I got back into climbing the fall of 2015. The goal then was to get outside, on the rock, as much as possible. We had a Saturday open on an unseasonably warm day in October. My climbing partner, Jan, suggested we go do some sport climbing west of Milwaukee.

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7 Knots for Camping Using 7ft of Paracord

All of us outdoor lovers have been there. We need to pitch a tent or put an overhead line to keep camp dry, and then the puzzled faces come up. On this guide, we'll explore 7 of the best knots for camping using paracord.

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Video Showcase, Learning the Lid

Time for a video showcase learning the lid! Water bottles have turned out to be an extension of ourselves. Whenever we get a new water bottle, we pick the color we like best, the shape and size that attracts us the most. As if this wasn't enough, we then find the freshest, rarest stickers out there.

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3×3 Red Rock, Nevada

This is it, my intro into big wall, multi-pitch, traditional climbing. Jan was getting married a few weeks later, so this was considered his 'informal bachelor party.' We flew out to Vegas on Thursday night, picked up our rental car, and headed west into the desert.

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Sustainability and Reusable Water Bottles
Nighthawk lid & SS lid

Sustainability and Reusable Water Bottles

If you are anything like us at the Veital team, you are aware of how your actions impact the earth and others and you use reusable water bottles of course. Veital Designs is not only an outdoor company; we're a lifestyle brand. With that, we have the responsibility to raise awareness about the issues that matter most to us.

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3×3 Big Sky Montana

The Big Sky trip started with me taking a rental from Jackson Hole to Idaho Falls, ID. From there, I was picked up by some friends driving from Boise, and we headed north to Montana. I hadn’t been to Big Sky since I took a Lifestyles trip there back in school during my sophomore year.

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Ready for the Roaring 20’s?

Are you ready for the roaring 20's? As 2019 ends we start putting the years in perspective and realize… Holy crap it’s not the 10’s anymore! Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad and we got cold wet with the ALS ice bucket challenge. As the decade comes to an end we fast forward a couple of years and you’ve gotten yourself a shiny Veital Designs replacement lid in your Nalgene! Haven't you yet?

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