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Video Showcase, Learning the Lid

Learning the Lid

Time for a video showcase learning the lid! Water bottles have turned out to be an extension of ourselves. Whenever we get a new water bottle, we pick the color we like best, the shape and size that attracts us the most. As if this wasn’t enough, we then find the freshest, rarest stickers out there. We slap them onto our bottles one by one until we reach that point where lo and behold, our bottle becomes an extension of our personality.

Since we put so much emphasis on the bottles, it was only a matter of time until a rad company like (cough) Veital Designs, AKA yours truly, came up with an equally rad water bottle lid. Our Nighthawk Water bottle replacement lid is the result of the relentless pursuit of both form and function; without losing style points that is. Our team makes the Nighthawk lids in the USA using the latest technology to ensure precision and durability. We’ll spill the beans on the manufacturing process later, so stay tuned! Keeping function in mind, Matt devised the lid with usability at the forefront. Our replacement water bottle lid is also a camp hammer, a GoPro camera mount, and a bottle opener. Oh, did we forget to mention the 7 ft of uninterrupted paracord that you can break out in an emergency? If you do need to break into the paracord, you can always order a replacement paracord lanyard.

Since our water bottle cap is so versatile, we wanted to showcase the different uses. Here’s a compilation of videos that highlight our cool product!

Video Showcase

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