3X3: Whistler, Eh?

3X3: Whistler, Eh?

Trip Dates: 3/15/2018-3/21/2018

Trip Name: Whistler, eh?

Author: Matt Kownick @Hedoensn’thavesocialmedia

Your Trip in 300ish words:

Here we go, eh?

5:20am Fly to Seattle drive Whistler: the trip is ago. Did anyone else know that Boeing has it’s own runway? Thinking again, it makes sense that they do. What a funny concept: ‘build a commercial jet airliner and when it’s complete you FLY it to its new destination.’
Once we were past Vancouver, we headed up the Sea to Sky highway. I’ve done quite a bit of driving in my 27 laps around the sun, but I have to say this was my favorite to date. Cascading mountains that fall into the ocean are quite the site to see.
During the trip, the 1 st three days were filled with 8 dudes in a two-bedroom condo. Accommodations were tight, but we made the best of it. One of the 8 was battling the flu. Thankfully, he was back to skiing shape by day two. Perfect, rolling 8 dudes deep.


The stakes get high

All of us skiers (and snowboarders) were of the same skill level. This made everything we did a challenge. Each guy wanted to show each other up. Competition is funny like that, it brought out the best of all our abilities.
One of the best moments of trip was a cornice we found lookers right of the Symphony Express. The Symphony Amphitheater faced east. This meant that any winds from the west would blow over the ridge line. Somehow, we found some untouched parts of this ridge and made the best of it. Lunch afterwards.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have any fresh snow on the trip; which was a total bummer. We took the next best thing: Blue Bird Days. I’ve said it once and will continue to say it. Pictures do not do a justice.

Does pleather breath? Not sure, ask @Ecarpenter

Caught Off Guard

Beer ain’t cheap in Canada.
Not sure if you can buy in the US and transport over, but it may be worth it if you’re ballin’ on a budget. Then again, Kokanee is pretty good.


(Post Mountain) Village Sushi. Make your reservations 6 weeks in advance. Who knows, maybe you’ll even see Mark Abren and Michelle Parker (Pro skiers)

20:20 Hindsight:

We flew into Seattle and drove north to Canada. This added 5 hours (+a border crossing) both ways. I’m all about direct flights. I’d fly into Vancouver next time.

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