3X3 Goin’ to Jackson Hole Wyoming

3X3 Goin’ to Jackson Hole Wyoming

Trip Dates: 1/8/19-1/11/19 

Author: Matt Kownick 

Where: Jackson Hole, Wyoming 

Trip Name: I’m Goin’ to Jackson (In Johnny Cash’s Voice) 

Trip in 3(00ish words):

Jackson Hole Wyoming. The birthplace of the Galande Quaff. Cowboy Country. And Rad Skiing. All things that
make it top of the bucket list for skiing. College kids I knew from my alma mater were on a trip there and I decided to tag along for some cheap skiing fun. It was my first time to Jackson, and I was stoked to be going.
As most flat-landers are accustomed to, ski-trip dates out west are set in stone weeks in advance. Because
of this, we get what we get when it comes to weather. Unfortunately, on this trip, Jackson received 17
inches on Sunday and Monday. By the time I arrived on the slopes Wednesday, the mountain was skied
out. Total bummer, but that’s what you get. Regardless of the snow conditions, there was much to
check out. We skied hard all 3 days and developed a great understanding of the resort.

The Challenge

For anyone who hasn’t been atop Corbets, it’s the real deal. Whomever makes that leap deserves a
round of applause. We all see pictures online, but until you’re peaking over the edge, it’s hard to
stomach how gnarly it is.

The mountain is made up of many small, medium, and hella large cliffs blended with trees throughout.
These trees have a great spacing about them. Not too clumped together. Perfect for making fast
bounding turns in deep snow. Jackson is gnarly. Not for the faint of heart. I see why this place is so
magical on a powder day.
As a Midwest skier that grew up skiing Summit County, I’ve never really experienced an inversion. My
last day at Jackson was just that. Crazy cool. I took the Tram up from cloudy dull weather, into the
clouds, then above.

Warmer air traps cooler air in the valley below and you get this.

Cooling down from the Jackson Hole

The town of Jackson is special (different from the Teton Village). It reminds me of a cowboy outpost that
has grown into a small town. Sure, it’s supported by tourists and the resorts around it, but is has
character unlike any other ski town I’ve been to. It feels like a real place where real people make a living
rather than a bunch of restaurants and t-shirt shops at the base of a mountain. Be sure to stop at the
Cowboy Bar, if you’re in the area.

Caught Off Guard:

Jackson Hole Mountain resort is about 25 minutes from the town of Jackson, WY.
Most people commute back to Jackson after skiing. The town is awesome. Be sure to stop at the Cowboy Bar, if you’re in the area.


The Mangy Moose. By far the best Après Ski environment I’ve ever been apart of. They’re at
the base of Jackson (Skier’s Right of the Tram). Great beers, great food, and live music every evening.
Prices aren’t bad either.

20:20 Hindsight:

When you see flights for $280 round trip out of Milwaukee to Jackson, book them. I
waited a few extra days after my plans changed a bit and I ended up paying $330 for a one way into
Jackson. If I see prices like that again, I’m pulling the trigger.

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