Veital 3×3 – North American Paradise

Trip Dates: April 4 – 7, 2019  Author: Tyler Curran (instant gram = @realtylercurran) Where: Havasupai Falls, Supai, Arizona (Grand Canyon) Trip Name: North American Paradise Trip in 300(ish) words:  To get to…

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Ready for the Roaring 20’s?

Are you ready for the roaring 20's? As 2019 ends we start putting the years in perspective and realize… Holy crap it’s not the 10’s anymore! Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad and we got cold wet with the ALS ice bucket challenge. As the decade comes to an end we fast forward a couple of years and you’ve gotten yourself a shiny Veital Designs replacement lid in your Nalgene! Haven't you yet?

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Christmas is back, Santa Brought Veital!

2019 is coming to an end so we put our sights on the prize, water bottle replacement caps! Oh and 2020 of course. If you wondered why you haven’t heard from us in a while we want to say we’re back, like Mike Tyson after biting an ear off, back for more!

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3X3 Hike on Seoraksan

We were living abroad in Seoul, South Korea when we went on this adventure in middle October to hike Seoraksan. Our trip began just before midnight in Seoul where we boarded a bus with dozens of other excited hikers. Our trip consisted mostly of foreign teachers living and working in the city and was arranged for non-native folks.

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3X3 Goin’ to Jackson Hole Wyoming

Jackson Hole Wyoming. The birth place of the Galande Quaff. Cowboy Country. And Rad Skiing. All things that make it top of the bucket list for skiing. College kids I knew from my alma mater were on a trip there and I decided to tag along for some cheap skiing fun. It was my first time to Jackson, and I was stoked to be going.

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3X3: The New Year in Kyoto

Our journey took us from our home at the time in Seoul, South Korea to Osaka, Japan, and then by train to our final destination in Kyoto just outside of Fushimi Inari-Taisha during the last week of December 2014.

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Mo-Town In Australia
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Mo-Town In Australia

I was terrified leading up to the trip where I would travel 9,000 miles across the world to spend 3 weeks with people I had never met before. Little did I know, I'd experience some of the best days of my life in this short span.

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Inside Veital Designs

There was a time and a place when I used to blog, circa spring 2013 was my last composer to the world wide web. With the founding of Veital Designs, Adam and I are looking to get in touch with our English side. This may be tough for two engineers. If anything, it will help us with future writings.

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The Veital Balance

Both fresh out of school, Matt and I were adjusting to the real world and the unfamiliarity that came with living in a new city. We hadn't known each other before moving to Milwaukee, where we hired onto the same development program.

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