The Trail Book

Find Your Balance. Embrace It.

The Trail Book is a collection of all things Veital. We love to explore the oudoor lifestyle while keeping it professional at work. We encourage you to become a part of our journey by sharing one of your own 3x3 experiences. We're happy you've come along for the trip!
Matt Kownick

There was a time and a place when I used to blog, circa spring 2013 was my last composer to the world wide web. With the founding of Veital Designs, Adam and I are looking to get in touch with our English side. This may be tough for two engineers. If anything, it will help us with future writings.

Although we are only a few months in I have filled, for what in years past would be, an entire year's quota for travel. I wrapped up 2016, and subsequently brought in 2017, with a trip to Tanzania to visit my sister, Madi (IG: @coolbeanmadi), who has been studying and working in East Africa for just under a year.

Matt and company at Yellowwood Gear

Both fresh out of school, Matt and I were adjusting to the real world and the unfamiliarity that came with living in a new city. We hadn't known each other before moving to Milwaukee, where we hired onto the same development program.